Humor Advocate Essentials Course


Create an environment where laughter and positivity thrive, fostering stronger connections and reducing stress. Learn to champion the humor in others, amplify their joy, and set the stage for memorable, fun-filled moments.

You’ll learn to:
👉 Identify and enhance your primary humor persona through tailored strategies unique to Advocates.
👉 Create spaces where others’ humor shines, enhancing group dynamics.
👉 Master techniques for promoting inclusive and supportive humor in any setting.
👉 Understand the fine line between encouragement and overstepping in humor promotion.
👉 Gain practical skills in elevating others through humor without becoming overbearing.


So you’ve taken the Humor Persona Quiz and found out you’re a Humor Advocate, congratulations! People enjoy having you around as you’re someone who is quick to laugh and boost the mood with your positivity.

By gaining more insight about your Humor Advocate Persona, you will successfully be able to incorporate humor at work and at home to improve your connection with co-workers and fellow humans, become (more) memorable, improve productivity, relieve stress and simply want to have more fun to… you know, enjoy life (if you’re into that sort of thing.)

By taking a deeper dive into the Advocate Essentials Course I’ve prepared for humor advocates, you’ll know exactly what to do, in different environments and with different people, to improve the quality of your personal and professional life.