Whole Humorist Course – All 7 Personas


Transform mundane moments into memorable ones and discover the Enthusiast, Curator, Inventor, Entertainer, Engineer, Advocate, and Skeptic within you.

You will get access to all 7 Humor Personas and a BONUS course that will teach you the art of seamless adaptation between them!


Here’s what you get in “The Whole Humorist” course:

  1. In-depth Exploration of All 7 Humor Personas: Understand the strengths and nuances of each persona.
  2. Exclusive Adaptation Techniques: Learn how to switch between personas to suit any situation.
  3. Practical, Real-World Applications: Apply what you learn immediately, in both personal and professional contexts.
  4. Interactive and Engaging Content: Exercises and examples that make learning fun and effective.

By the end of this course, not only will you be more humorous, but you’ll also be equipped to handle stress better, think more creatively, and connect with others on a deeper level.